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Keeping up with the rapidly evolving IT industry is not easy, you need more than just any type of content.

Take advantage of our unique production approach and implement storytelling into your next piece of audiovisual content. Demonstrate your products, solutions and processes effectively by means of premium 2D/3D animation blends.

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Konrad Labuschagne Robert Wójcik Maja Kornacka Samareh Astaraki Kathrin Hahn

Matt and the team at K&C excel in creatively executing their projects. Inspiring and fresh ideas abound and they enjoy brainstorming with clients on the alternative and best options to make your project a success. When you work with them you feel that all things are possible and that you are their most important customer ever.

Konrad Labuschagne

Head of Strategic Marketing Europe

The collaboration with K&C went in accordance with the agreed deadlines, budget and scope of work.

Robert Wójcik

Managing Director

The whole production process went by rapidly and we were fully supported by the studio at every step of the way. What personally struck me as positive during the execution of this project was K&C’s openness to our needs and instant implementation of required changes. They’re great listeners too and we always managed to create a friendly atmosphere while working together.

Maja Kornacka

Marketing Manager

What I liked the most is that the communication style was very clear. If there was any questions, Anna would write to me straight away and we would sort it out. They were also very good at time management and don't think any projects were delayed at all.

Samareh Astaraki

Marketing Manager Ansell Europe

With many years of technical know how the agency was used for the implementation. A creative and constructive exchange took place in every project phase. The modern and sophisticated films were made within a very short time.

Kathrin Hahn

Marketing Team Lead

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