Having loyal customers who are willing to repeat business takes time, but is definitely worth waiting for. Building trust doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a lot of work and requires a thorough understanding of customers for it to become and remain a consistent relationship. Directing resources towards improving customer loyalty is one of the best investments a business can make and only then the business will have people coming back for more.

Our partnership with Telecom-IT Group begun in 2020 and since then it has turned into an ongoing adventure. We have produced an explainer video that we feel obliged to tell you more about! But first, have a look at the final result.

About the client

At Telecom-IT Group, they believe that decisive communication saves lives. That’s why they design, build and deploy platforms to bring people closer together, when it matters. One of their services is LynX® lifeline, which we were asked to portray. It is a state-of-the-art light management system, which focuses on regulating artificial lighting in various applications. It can scale from a single stand-alone site to a building-wide network of devices related to lighting control. The added value of technology in communication will increase sharply in the coming decades. So, Telecom-IT Group takes charge of preparing for a better future.

Simplicity is the key

Have you by chance heard of Rube Goldberg Machine? If not… let us explain.

Rube Goldberg means “To do something simple in a very complicated way that is not really necessary.” The expression was inspired by an American cartoonist Rube Goldberg, whose cartoons often portrayed devices that performed simple tasks in indirect and convoluted ways. You might be wondering what this has to do with our case. Well, the thing is that, nowadays it is very common to come across Rube Goldberg in business. So, why would we over complicate projects, when we can achieve the same result by simplicity?

The simpler approaches mean more understanding, efficiency, and effectiveness which generate better results. But, don’t get us wrong. When we say simple, it doesn’t mean the less of something. Simple means reduced to its essence, when something is not relevant to your project and you focus only on what is important. It also means that anything you would add is essentially unnecessary and would only create clutter. This is the state of simplicity. You observe the nature of things and understand what is essential and what is not. Consequently, you can communicate in harmony with your client and determine the goals of the project.

In short, the simpler the things are the more successful they tend to be, it’s as simple as that!

The Importance of Sound

What would happen if there were no sound effects during an action sequence to demonstrate that a character is fighting in the movie? Or sad music in the background of a poignant scene? Would you identify with and commit yourself to a character, setting, and storyline? Well, you wouldn’t. That is because sounds impact the visceral reactions and the contextual information an audience is bound to understand.

When put to good use, sound effects, music, and even silence can elevate even the most mundane videos, and vice versa, poor sound can ruin a spectacular production. Appropriate sound usage defines the overall mood and tone of the narrative.

Explainer videos are produced using three types of sounds: human voices, music and sound effects. All of them are crucial for it to feel realistic. If a sound doesn’t go along with the action on screen, it isn’t close to being believable and engaging.

We used two separate music tracks for our video, which nicely match the essence of what we portrayed. It had to be heartfelt just as the topic we were handling. Go ahead and listen, you can be the judges!

The production process

Our task was to portray the perspective of an elderly woman with Dementia, which conveys representations in terms of loss of knowledge, loss of cognition and autonomy. Because of this, it becomes difficult for the patients to communicate their feelings.

Tackling with a sensitive subject as this is a big responsibility. It is important to have enough knowledge of the symptoms, causes, effects, and all the different aspects that the disease brings. We had to enlighten ourselves with enough information to have the right perception of what we were dealing with. It required a lot of careful detail-orientation to avoid misrepresenting the reality of the world in which patients live and harming their integrity.

Creating credible emotions is necessary to create believable animation. Well-animated expressions of feelings can add a great effect to the scene and create an interest in the people watching it. Emotions are the key to demonstrate the character’s personality and conveying that they have a unique story to tell. We had to work on the facial expressions of the lady because the face is the most effective way to convey specific emotions.

Client Feedback

“The project on which we worked with K&C was complicated by the fact that to meet each countries’ local demands we required the production of videos in several languages, which meant that they needed to adapt changes individually. As a result of hard work and good communication, we were provided with very nice videos and received compliments from everyone who saw them. Thank you K&C team!”