Iconics - Visual Manufacturing - Data Collection - K&C Animation studio


Mitsubishi Electric

Executive Producers

Lika Deisadze, Mateusz Kubicki

Illustration Design

Alek Wałaszewski, Anna Kowalik

Motion Design

Jakub Gajewski, Maksym Ignatov

Character Animation

Tomasz Kucharczyk, Filip Mazur

Remember Mark from Episode 1 of Iconics – Visual Manufacturing series? Well, the time has come for him to swoop in and rescue Laura from her professional conundrums!  

Witness as Laura’s struggles dissolve into thin air, replaced by newfound efficiency, supercharged productivity, and a dash of pure manufacturing magic! 🌪️✨ With the power of Iconics software at her fingertips, there’s no limit to what she can achieve!