Together: An App by Andrzej Wrona - K&C Animation studio


Andrzej Wrona

Executive Producer

Mateusz Kubicki


Adrian Szustakowski

Illustration Design

Julia Hanke


Kasia Pereta

Together is a sports app that enables people to socialize during their free time. If you are new in your district or your friends don’t share your interests, the app lets you find people with similar hobbies that want to spend time together. The aim of this animation was to explain the main features of the on-line platform and to highlight the fact that Together is not focused on sports activities only- it’s a great mean to find a buddy that will take you to the cinema or talk to you when you are bored waiting for your delayed departure at an airport. The voice over for this video has been recorded by the creator of the application, a famous Polish Volleyball player – Andrzej Wrona.