Welcome to the club - K&C Animation studio

K&C is a global video production company with offices in two European cities: Warsaw and Genk.

Our ultimate goal is to create sophisticated audiovisual forms that dive deep into the hearts of the audience, keeping the messages conveyed in line with our core values: simplicity and straightforwardness

We take pride in hiring the most talented storytellers who form a strong crew by combining the experience gathered in some of the best production houses and animation studios in Poland.

See what our partners say about us:

Matt and the team at K&C excel in creatively executing their projects. Inspiring and fresh ideas abound and they enjoy brainstorming with clients on the alternative and best options to make your project a success. When you work with them you feel that all things are possible and that you are their most important customer ever.  

Konrad Labuschagne

Head of Strategic Marketing Europe | Grünenthal

The whole production process went by rapidly and we were fully supported by the studio at every step of the way. What personally struck me as positive during the execution of this project was K&C’s openness to our needs and instant implementation of required changes. They’re great listeners too and we always managed to create a friendly atmosphere while working together

Maja Kornacka

Marketing Manager | Hoya Lens Poland

It has always been a pleasure to work with K&C. The projects were completed at high standard, on time and on budget. K&C showed a driven and detailed methodology in creating a superb production and amazed us with their creativity.

Jonathan Prest

Creative Director | Seed

The quality of artwork produced by K&C is outstanding, it definitely surpassed our initial expectations. Mr. Mateusz Kubicki proved himself to be an animation production expert and I would definitely recommend choosing his company for any video project.

Marcin Dalecki

CEO | CP Ventures

During the first encounter with K&C I was amazed by their professional approach which laid the foundation for our future achievements. I was captivated by Matt’s team professional attitude, creative and unconventional concepts as well as piece of mind throught the whole production process. I am sure we will continue to work on many projects in the future.

Marcin Brysiak

CEO | addictions.ai

K&C is the place to go when you need extraordinary content. Being an expert in video marketing, Matt has guided me through the in’s and out’s of hybrid videos and helped me obtain the results I was after. I am really happy about the projects that we completed so far and I look forward to future joint collaborations in various areas related to animation production.

Greg Collins

Odjazdowe Bryki Braci Collins | TVN Turbo

The year 2020 has been groundbreaking for K&C and as a team we decided to go an extra mile in order to explore techniques and possibilities within the newely discovered boundries.

Apart from exploring classic animation and 3D spheres we also invested a lot of time to re-think factors that could make 2D videos stand out against other AV forms.

It is a source of great professional satisfaction to be rated as one of the top B2B companies in Poland.

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