Video production has never been on such demand as it is 2020. In times of pandemic, video marketing has emerged as an effective way to raise brand awareness and lead prospects along a purchasing path. Nowadays, most of the homes are connected to the internet, which means that consumers are now watching more videos than ever before. So, media companies are spoiled for routes to bring videos to a content-hungry audience. Companies turned to using videos as part of targeted campaigns to simply and quickly explain their products or services and present how they could benefit prospective customers. Creating high quality premium video content is a very useful tool that helps organisations to stand out from their competitors. Since video content tends to “get straight to the point” much quicker than textual content does, elucidating the main concept is much easier for the storytellers.

Before we dive in deeper, it is important to define the term “premium video” per se. Premium videos are professionally produced content, which influence, shape, and deliver on the expectations of viewers through curated experiences. Most of the user-generated videos are generally produced with low quality and can be created by anyone, but premium content comes from trusted sources, created to engage targeted audiences. They fuel positive brand associations. Premium video’s quality lies in its production value as well as an immersive video experience. For advertisers, premium videos attract viewers to stay with content longer and are striving to keep that audience coming back for more. Furthermore, the safe environment of premium videos reduces the possibility of negative brand perception, which consequently adds more value to it. Marketers believe that video marketing has become more important in recent times, based on the tremendous growth of demand in the B2B sector.

Generally, well-crafted videos aren’t about creating characters with long and complex stories. It’s simply about accurately portraying the needs of the target audience and showing them how that specific product or brand can meet their needs. Animation companies like us are capable of creating digital videos with a wide range of styles, spanning every level of complexity. Due to its flexibility and wide range of stylistic possibilities, 2D animations create great opportunities for storytelling. In short, premium videos can’t be too long to make the audience bored, too short to not understand the main concept, too entertaining to forget the product which is being advertised and neither can they be too serious. Their main purpose is to attract the right audiences and keep them engaged until the end.